Alice Gordon & Katie Murphy

Sisters Alice and Katie talk about what a wonderful experience the half marathon was.

“The 2017 Mackay Marina Run is one of the most memorable experiences we will probably ever participate in. For all of those who aren’t elite runners; for all of those who don’t feel they have the fitness to do it; and for all those who just love to casually run – well here’s our story, which we hope will inspire you to enter the 2018 Mackay Marina Run.

We both run casually 2-3 times a week fitting in an 8km run (at the most) where we can. One crazy afternoon we thought, ‘Let’s enter the 8km marina run.’ No more than a week later, we had an even crazier thought and discussed entering the 21km. We aimed for 2 hours 30 minutes given our minimal training history and for us we were just super excited to participate in an event that is considered a signature running event in Mackay.

“It’s difficult to describe the feelings when you enter an event a bit under prepared, but alongside your sister, you feel that together you have the strength to get through it. So together at the end of the pack we started.

We can honestly say from the very beginning the atmosphere was exciting, the event volunteers were helpful, and the run was absolutely beautiful. Along the way we chatted to other runners, learnt about their experiences and goals, and thought to ourselves: can you believe we are doing this! Well we finished – in 2 hours and 14 minutes. The feeling was unforgettable, almost overwhelming. Here’s hoping our story may inspire many of you to trust yourself and believe in your dreams. We hope to see you at the 2018 Mackay Marina Run.

We are pictured with our proud father, Sandy Strong.

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