Anna O’Neill

Anna loves running. Find out how she made new running friends when moving to Mackay and why running is the best hangover cure in Q & A with Anna O’Neill.

Q: What do you like about running?
A: I love the feeling of finishing a run. As hard as it is to get out of bed at 5 in the morning, by 6.30 you have already achieved something for the day. I have never regretted going for a run.

Q: Would you recommend running and if so, why?
A: Absolutely. I started the learn to run 5km program with the LRC Running Club (formerly Layzee Runners) a few years ago, after moving to Mackay. It was such a great way to meet friends. Sometimes it is not about the running but more about catching up for coffee afterwards and having a few laughs.

Q: What distance are you doing in the BMA Mackay Marina Run and is it your first time running in the event?
I am training for the 8km. It will be my third time running the 8km.

Q: Tell us about some other runs you’ve done.
A: I did the 10km on the Gold Coast in 2019 and my longest run to date was the 16km in the Beach to Gardens Charity Fun Run, also in 2019.

Q: What goals (running or otherwise) do you have for 2021/2022?
A: This year I just want to focus on getting fit again after having a baby in 2020. I’ve been using the “I just had a baby” excuse for a year now but it’s time to get serious and start doing some longer runs again! Over the next few years, I would love to try a half marathon but not sure if I’m ready to say that out aloud yet!

Q: Do you usually train solo or as part of a group?
A: I still train with LRC Running Club runners. It makes it so much more enjoyable. There are people of all abilities and it doesn’t matter if you want to walk one day or break records the next, there is always someone to run with.

Q: What do you like most about the Mackay Marina Run?
A: The finishing line of course! Everyone cheering you on as soon you get past the restaurants and onto the blue carpet. Always gives me a massive boost and makes me so glad I entered.

Anna’s running tip: If I can run, anyone can do it. You’ve just got to make it a part of your routine. I must admit there has been a few Saturday mornings after a few wines the night before where I just didn’t think I could do it, but I can confirm, running is a great hangover cure!

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