Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson

Emma loves running and shares how she stays motivated.

Q: What do you like about Running?
A: I like the running community. No matter how fast or how far you can run, everyone will always cheer you on and push you harder. Plus, a Coffee or Beer tastes a whole lot better after a run.

Q: Would you recommend running and if yes why?
A: Yes, it’s a relatively cheap sport that requires only a decent pair of shoes. However, you may end up like me with a running shoe addiction.

Q: What distance are you training for in this year’s BMA Marina Run?
A: I’m training for the Half Marathon, which will be my first Half.

Q: Tell us about some other runs you have done?
I’m an avid parkrunner so, it was an absolute highlight of my holiday to Canada in 2019 to attend River Valley parkrun in Edmonton, it was -4C and snowing.

Q: What goals do you have for 2021/2022?
I have two major goals this year.

  • To run a sub 25min 5k, which I achieved in February at the Mackay Road Runners 5k championships in a time of 24:04
  • To complete the BMA Mackay Marina Run Half Marathon in under 2 hours.

Q: Do you usually run solo or in a group?
I mainly train with Coach Martin and Jenny from ‘On the Run’ as they’re training me for the Mackay Marina Run.

Q: What do you like most about the BMA Mackay Marina Run?
I love the atmosphere! With so many like minded people in one place the energy is incredible.

Emma’s tip: For new runners I would highly recommend joining a club. I run with both Mackay Road Runners and On the Run, it keeps me motivated to train hard and keep pushing myself.

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