Jen Harmer & Di Clulee

Jen and Di

In 2018, Jen & Di were first time pacers in the BMA Mackay Marina half marathon event.

Jen & Di meet at LRC Running Club and both started running, let’s just say, a little later in life. We both had minimal running experience, but shared the same goal – to run our first half marathon.

Since 2012 we have run the Mackay Marina Run half marathon every year, and after several other halves we both joined Mackay Road Runners to gain a little more running knowledge and set our sights on the big one – the full Marathon.

Training for the marathon became our social outings and great friendships were made with many hours of early morning starts – some as early as 3am.

In 2014 Jen & Di ran a full marathon at the Gold Coast and have completed four more since. Last year they were lucky enough to run New York City Marathon with 55,000 other runners – an amazing experience. We still pinch ourselves some days, as this was by far the best experience of our running lives. Lots of memories made and lessons learned.

We are about to start training for the Melbourne marathon (October). We’re not out there to win; the benefits of health and friendships outweigh any podium finish or prizes.

One thing is for sure….the BMA Mackay Marina Run features on our running calendar every year!

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