Lynn Treis

Lynn Treis

Q: What specifically do you like about running?
 Firstly, I love that I can slip on a pair of shoes and be able to run anywhere in the world. There is no expense, and anyone can do it; you must give it a go!

Running is one of the nicest ways to meet the wider community. I enjoy meeting new people and their connections to the community. You meet a lot of interesting people and form wonderful friendships that last a lifetime. I have been very fortunate to have met some amazing, like-minded people!

You look at things in a different light, notice objects and places you wouldn’t normally look at and admire the view and its beauty. As a new resident to Mackay I have been able to find locations and venues.

Q: What benefits do you get from running?
The health benefit from running is incredible. I’ve seen people change their outlook on life, their appearance, their everyday routine due to the benefits of running.

For me personally I like to clear my head and I love the social aspect that running offers. I love to listen to the conversions amongst people and you really see a different side of a person. We often don’t see people for all their life experiences, inspirations, goals and motivations…until we run with them.

Q: Would you recommend running and why?
As a female with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome I had to deal with symptoms including insomnia and hormonal imbalances. Once diagnosed I made the decision to change my whole life, which included introducing running as a normal part of my every day routine. I remember I joined a beginner’s group. I persevered until I could run my first 5km. Within a month I had run 10km and discovered that I loved long distance running.

Running doesn’t come naturally to most people but with consistent persistence running can change your life! Running’s lead me to five half ironman, several 160km cycling events (New Zealand) and two Marathons (New York and Berlin). I am an every day person who does not take running for granted. I don’t think I’m exceptional at running but I love it and enjoy the challenge!

Q: What distance are you doing in the BMA Mackay Marina Run and is it your first time running in the event?
I can’t wait to do the Half Marathon at the Mackay Marina Run. Prior to this event I entered the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon on 19th May. I have completed a 140km bike ride there and thought it would be a different way to see that part of the Australia. As running is such a good way to meet people, I will be catching up with a very close friend who will be running the same event.

Q: Do you usually train solo or as part of a group?
I relocated to Mackay from Alice Springs in February this year. Prior to arriving in Mackay I joined Mackay Roadrunners and followed the LRC ladies on Facebook. I arrived on the Thursday and ran my first 10km run with the Mackay Roadrunners that Sunday. Following that run I was encouraged to join a group of enthusiastic Saturday runners departing the Cinema Car park.

On the Saturday I arrived on time and was greeted by several friendly runners; I noticed two ladies who immediately took me under their wing. They were much stronger runners, but I was determined to stick it out and was invited to a weekly running group known as “South Side Runners”. My life changed that day and would be the first of many scenic runs, much laughter, enthusiasm and friendships. The running community here is beautiful, very supportive and encouraging. I love running with the Mackay running community, I feel like I’ve finally found myself again.

Q: Tell us about your running goals post Mackay Marina Run?
In September 2016 I completed the New York Marathon. It is and was the most exceptional Marathon. By January 2017 I was involved in a hit and run while riding my bike. I broke my collarbone and fractured my spine. I have been diagnosed with ongoing and permanent medical issues, but I am so thankful to be alive. I found myself again through running. Just like at the beginning I was not going to let running beat me! I ran the Berlin Marathon last year to prove to myself that I could still run again. I was full of emotion crossing the line and although it may not have been at my best running performance I was so fortunate to have competed.

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