Paul McKenzie

Local runner Paul McKenzie aims to be one of the few ten-year competitors in 2018. He talks about what the annual event means to him.

The Mackay Marina Run is one of the best running events to accomplish every year. I’ve competed in all the Mackay Marina Run so far. I have this event every year as one of my goals to achieve, beating my personal best time each time. I enjoy the run so much.

The event is well organised and it grows each year. The half marathon is a wonderful flat course, running through the magnificent Goose Ponds and over both the Ron Cam and Forgan bridges, and across the mighty Pioneer River. The run continues on the Bluewater Trail, hugging the river through the Bluewater Quay and down to the historic boat ramp. The start and finish of the run is at the beautiful Mackay Marina Village making it a festival to remember.

Having the half marathon run early in the morning makes this scenic route breathtaking and the run itself is a very comfortable one. The shorter runs and corporate runs utilise the breakwater wall, keeping this event close with all other runners and supporters. I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a new challenge or to participate in a great event, whether to do a personal best or simply just wanting a nice run with friendly people, then this event is for you.

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