Tahnie Malagueno

Tahnie Malagueno

Tahnie shares her love of hitting the trails on the weekend with mates, and having a good laugh

Q: Tell us what you like about running?
A: Running sorts out the mess in my head each day – it releases more than just sweat. It is good for the soul!

Q: Would you recommend running, and if yes, why?
A: I do recommend running. It is a great way to get active and meet some great people. There are so many running clubs in Mackay to get someone started or if they are seeking to get back into the sport.

Q: What distance are you training for in this year’s BMA Mackay Marina Run?
I have registered for the half marathon again.

Q: Tell us about some other runs you have done?
A: My absolute favourites would be the Hamilton Island Hilly Half team event. This year we took away the win for female teams. And also, the UTA 100km in the Blue Mountains, NSW. I did my first 100km ultra there on the 15th May.

Q: What goals (running or otherwise) do you have for 2021/2022?
A: No more goals for the foreseeable future at this stage. I plan to rest my leggies at bit before setting a new goal, (UTA 100 kind of killed them) – will keep you posted!

Q: Do you usually train solo or as part of a group?
A: Mostly as a group, as it helps with the motivation, and keeps me accountable. It’s also fun to hit the trails on a weekend with a bunch of mates and have a laugh.

Tahnie’s running tip: The voice inside your head that says you can’t do this – is a liar.

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