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Join us as we fight against blood cancer in 2024!

Proudly celebrating 16 years of support for regional families facing blood cancer.

The Leukaemia Foundation invites participants of the BMA Mackay Marina Run to join Team Beat Blood Cancer and dedicate their run to help raise funds for people living with blood cancer.

What is Blood Cancer?

With the incredible support of the Mackay Marina Run participants, over the past 16 years, we’ve contributed more than $600,000 to the Leukaemia Foundation helping to fund their vital wraparound health services and leading-edge blood cancer research.

In Australia, 53 people are diagnosed with blood cancer (including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma) every day and this number is anticipated to close to double by 2035. Blood cancer cannot be prevented or screened for, and it can strike anyone, at any time and at any age.

Blood cancer is a difficult and dangerous opponent and one of the greatest health and social challenges we face. It weighs heaviest on disadvantaged Australians and those living outside of our cities, including Mackay.

We are committed to working side by side with the Leukaemia Foundation and Australia’s blood cancer community to ensure that anyone impacted by blood cancer today has the support they need and to reach the goal of ensuring zero lives are lost to blood cancer by 2035.

As a run participant or team, you’re invited to join Team Blood Cancer and dedicate your run to raise funds for people living with blood cancer. You can set up your own fundraising page or donate via our page below. 

Mackay Marina Run Ambassador:
Hayden Lee

My name is Hayden Lee, I am 11 years old and will be starting high school in 2024. When I was three, I was diagnosed with Leukaemia, which is a blood cell cancer. I received treatment for three and a half years, in Mackay and Brisbane. I spent many nights in hospital and many days in there for treatment too. I had lots of lumbar punches and chemo most days.  

We had to live in Brisbane for nine months and when we came home I started prep. I was lucky enough to survive Leukaemia and now I would like to help other people survive too.  

I enjoy wakeboarding, playing soccer and love to go on snow skiing holidays. I am very grateful for the good life I live and am excited to grow up and do great things.